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Embedded survey options and configuration

Thermostat's embedded surveys make it easy to gather customer sentiment data right from within your website, SaaS app, or ecommerce store. 

From the distribution tab in your settings simply copy and paste the JavaScript code into your site or app. Normally you'd put this in a footer that's included on every page.

While the widget has it's own logic to limit how often customers are surveyed feel free to wrap your own custom logic around the thermostatio.start() call to only have the code run when necessary.

Configuration Options

All these configuration items are optional, sensible defaults are provided if none of these are set.

The main factor, in that case, is that the survey will be taken annoymously. If you don't want that be sure to set one of the configuration options for the person of: name, email, cid.

show Default: true

If set to false the survey will not be displayed regardless of other conditions.

Default: null

The person's full name.

email Default: null

The person's email if known.

Public Methods

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